The Reputable Brand

Be deliberate about your business!!! People should see how passionate you are about your business else they will treat your business as a hobby. Develop content, brand your business and sell it to the world. Personal development would help you because you are preparing for the future but for the [...]

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Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent yourself at all times. Personal development is non-negotiable if you want to thrive in business, if you do not invest in yourself; you have no right to ask anyone to invest in you. Charity begins at home. Personal values should not be imposed on you by some other person instead you are [...]

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Building A Lasting Brand

Hello beautiful people, Happy New Year ỊỊ welcome to 2019, our year of limitless wealth. Recently, there has been a high rise of demise in business, people start up and after a year or two they pack up with excuses like ‘I couldn’t keep up’, ‘I was owed’ and so on. So let’s talk [...]

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